Jerky Krisp is not your ordinary beef jerky, it is a healthy snack high in protein made from premium high quality meat that will excite your taste buds with every bite! It is in our unique slicing technique, seasoning and hydration process which helps up achieve the crispiest, most flavorful beef jerky to match our name.


In 2007 Rom Kan the co-founder, envisioned the concept of beef jerky with a potato chip-like texture. He realized, most jerky on the market were thick and tough to chew. He began researching and experimenting then discovered the process of producing thin, crispy, and delicious beef jerky is the way to go. It Immediately became a hit among many friends and family. Rom eventually purchased several commercial-grade equipment to propel production to meet the demand for small mom-and-pop shops in Southern California, under the preliminary company CharquiKan. Several years later, due to life-changing events, the production gradually came to a halt.
Fortunately, Asa Tsang his good friend who absolutely enjoyed the unique taste and texture of the jerky and pitched the idea to revive the jerky business. Through collaborative effort with Asa business expertise and Rom epic jerky-making skills, they formed JerkyKrisp, LLC., in 2014. Since then, they worked diligently to share this unique thin, crispy, jerky snack to the world.


Very simple, we love jerky! We love eating jerky so much that we decided to make a business out of it.


We have many plans to grow the business, but we need to first learn to crawl before we can run and since this is our first year launching the the business we anticipate many more obstacles. Overall, we have a great outlook because we are continueously making strikes to improve our processes including other R&D with our current line of product and goals to achieve the thinnest and crispiest beef jerky on the planet.